Webroot antivirus provide its customer user friendly interface and secures your data and device from all kind of cyber attacks like malware and viruses. But then also, the user encounters error like Webroot Error Code 21. Hence in this article, you will read the causes and solution of the Webroot Error Code 21.

Symptoms of the Webroot Error Code 21:

The symptoms of the Webroot Error Code 21, are if there is crashes on the activate windows files, if you work on the same running program then your PC crashes, the error displays on your computer screen continuously, the windows runs slowly, and the devices which are connected to your PC like keyboard and mouse also runs slowly.

Causes of Webroot Error Code 21:

The causes of the Webroot Error Code 21 occurs if there is corrupted and incomplete installation of Webroot in your device, if the users create wrong windows registry, viruses or malware might have corrupted the windows system program, and if you have mistakenly remove the installed Webroot antivirus files.

Solution To Fix Webroot Error Code 21:

1: Restart the Computer System:

You should restart your computer system and just check Webroot backup and sync is working or not.

  1. First, you should close all the applications which are running in your computer system.
  2. After this, you should click on the restart button and then just you have to wait for your device to start again.
  3. When your PC starts again, then you just have to click on the Webroot application.
  4.  At the end, you have to check whether the backup and sync are working properly or not. If you find the error then you should move to the next step to solve the issue.

2: Uninstall and Reinstall Webroot application:

1. To uninstall Webroot, you should go to the windows button which is present at the bottom-left hand side of your computer screen and then click on it.

2. Then, you should go to the control panel.

3. Now, under program menu you should click on uninstall a program. 4. Here, the list of all the installed applications displays on your PC.

5. You just have to go to the Webroot antivirus and right click on it.

6. Here just you should select uninstall from the available option.

7. After removing Webroot, you just have to restart your computer system.

Reinstall Webroot Antivirus:

  1. First, you should open a web browser and then visit to the Webroot’s official site via www.webroot.com/safe .
  2. Now you will see the automatic download will start on your PC.
  3. When the Webroot installer is downloaded, you should double-click on the file to start the installation.
  4. Now follow all the instructions and then just enter the Webroot key code.
  5. You just have to Accept all the terms and condition to finish the installation process.
  6. Now, Webroot antivirus is installed on your device, and you just check whether the backup and sync error is fixed or not.

This method will help you to fix the Webroot Error Code 21, but in case you are still facing issues then you can visit to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.