Webroot antivirus is the popular software which secures your gadgets from cyber attacks. It offers user friendly interface but some customer’s encounters problem while installing Webroot in their devices. So, in this blog you will read the solution of the Webroot Error Code 0x80070424.

Causes Of Webroot Error Code 0x80070424:

The causes of Webroot Error Code 0x80070424 are when currently running window crashes, if your PC frequently crashes, you see MSE error after install, when Webroot disable Windows Modules Installer, if the Windows runs slowly and reboots on its own.

Symptoms of Webroot Error Code 0x80070424:

The symptoms of Webroot Error Code 0x80070424 are incomplete Installation or corrupt download of the Webroot Security Software, Webroot Antivirus related files corrupted the Windows registry, if Windows System files have infected by Virus or malware and mistakenly Webroot related files have been deleted by some other program.

Solution To Fix Webroot Error Code 0x80070424:

1: Repair Window Registries:

 First, click on “Start” button and type the “command” in the search box and then press “Enter” key.  After this, you have to press “CTRL”, “Shift” and “Enter” keys simultaneously. It will ask for the permission, and then click on “Yes” option. Here, you need to type “regedit” in the window and hit on “Enter” key. In the Registry Editor, you need to choose the key linked with Webroot Error which you wish to back up. Now, from the file menu, just select the Export option. Then, just select the location where you want to save the backup key in the Save in list. After this, enter the name for the back-up file in the “Filename” box. In the “Export Range”, just select “Selected branch” option. Now, click on “Save” option and the file will be saved as a .reg file extension. You have successfully created the back-up file of Webroot Antivirus linked registry entry.

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2: Full Malware Scan for Computer:

Sometimes the error occurs in your device when malware infect your PC. Because of this malware infection, your system slow downs, crashes, and sometimes reboots on its own. To fix this issue, you must do the complete malware scan of your device.

3: Clean up System Junk File:

 For this, click on “Start” option and type the “command” in the search box and press all the keys together “CTRL”, “Shift” and “Enter” keys. This will asks for the permission, just click on “Yes” option. Then, type “regedit” in the window and press “Enter” key. After this, Disk Cleanup will calculate the disk space to free up. You just select the categories which you wish to clean up the junk files. You must choose “Temporary Files”. Now, select the checkboxes which you wish to clean and tap on “OK” button. You will see all the Temporary and junk files have been cleaned up.

4: Update Device Driver:

Go to the “Start” option and then input the Device Manager in the search box and just select it, from the search results. Then, click on Expand icon and then just choose your device from the category. After this, right-click on it and then choose “Update Driver “option.

5: Use Window System Restore:

You should go to the Start button and write “System Restore” in the search box and tap on “Enter” key. Now, click on “System Restore”. Then, enter the administrator passwords. Just follow the directions in the Wizard. At the end, just restore your computer.

6: Reinstall Webroot Antivirus:

First, click on Start option and then open Programs and Features. After this, just click on Control Panel and then click on Programs and Features. Now, find the Webroot Error related program which is under the Name column. Here, you should click on the Error linked entry. Then, click on the Uninstall option.  Just follow all the on screen directions to complete the uninstallation process and again try to reinstall Webroot antivirus in your computer.

The above method will fix the Webroot Error Code 0x80070424. In case, you need technical support then visit to the site of Webroot.