Trend Micro antivirus is the famous security software which complete safeguards your device from emerging threat. But some users face issues while installing it. So, in this blog you will read the solution of Trend Micro Error Code 1053.

Symptoms of Trend Micro Error Code 1053:

The symptoms of the Trend Micro Error Code 1053 are it crashes the current program window, your Computer crashes frequently, it shows the Trend Micro Error Code 1053 while running the same program, Windows runs slowly and your PC freezes for a period of time.

Solution To Fix Trend Micro Error Code 1053:

1: Repair Registries Linked With Error Code 1053:

First, click on the “Start” button and just type “command” in the search field without tapping the “Enter” key. After this, you should press the “CTRL”, “Shift” and “Enter” keys altogether. Then it will prompt, you have to click on “Yes” option. Now, type “regedit” in the open window and then hit on “Enter” key. Then in the Registry Editor, you should select error related key which you want to back up. Here, just select “Export” option in the “File” menu. Then in the “Save As” list, just select the location where you wish to save the backup key. Now, enter a name for the backup file in the “File Name” box. Just ensure to select the “Selected Branch” option in the “Export Range” menu. And then click on “Save” and you will see the file will be saved with a .reg file extension. Now, you have successfully created the backup file.

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 2: Using Disk Cleanup to Clean up System Junk:

For this, click on the “Start” button. Then type “command” in the search field without hitting the “Enter” key. Now, press and hold the “CTRL”, “Shift” and “Enter” keys together. Then click on “Yes” option. You have to type “regedit” in the open window and then press the “Enter” key. Now, Disk Cleanup will calculate the free space on each disk. ·Then select the categories from which you wish to clean unwanted files. Just, choose “Temporary Files” from here. Here, you just have to select the check box which is next to the categories that you want to clean and then click on “OK” button. At the end, you have  cleaned the unwanted files from your PC.

3: Update Device Drivers:

Go to “Start” option, and then enter Device Manager in the search box. And then select it from the search results. You have to click on the Expand icon and then select your device in the category. You should right-click on it and then choose “Update Driver”. At last, select Automatically search for updated driver software.

4: Use System Restore:

You should click on the Start button. Then in the dialogue box, just type “System Restore” and then hit on “Enter”. Now in the results, you need to click on “System Restore”. Then enter any administrator passwords. Here, you have to follow the steps in the Wizard just to choose a restore point. At the end, restore your PC.

5: Uninstall and Reinstall the Trend Micro Antivirus:

If you are getting the error then you should first uninstall the antivirus from your device and then reinstall Trend Micro antivirus software to fix the error.

6: Run Windows System File Checker:

You should click on the Start button. Then write “command” in the search field. Now press CTRL-Shift on your keyboard, and then click Enter key. You will get an authorization dialog box, here you have to click on Yes option. Then you will see a black box will open with a blinking cursor. Here, just type “sfc / scannow” and hit Enter. Now it will scan for the error and other system file problems.

The above method will help to fix the Trend Micro Error Code 1053. But in case, you still find the issue then visit to the official site of Trend Micro Antivirus.