MS Outlook application is the free email service given by Microsoft and it is the application of MS Office software. You can use this app on Android Phones, Laptop, Computer and Mac. But sometimes customer encounter issues so in this blog you will read the solution of Outlook Error Code 401.

Causes of Outlook Error Code 401:

The causes of the Outlook Error Code 401 are errors can be occurring even with the best program design, if error is not encountered during design and testing, incompatible programs running at the same time, due to a memory problem, an incorrect graphics driver, and also because of virus infection.

Solution To Fix Outlook Error Code 401:

1. Close Conflicting Programs:

For this, you should open the Task Manager by clicking Ctrl-Alt-Delete altogether. This will show you the list of running programs. Then you have to go to the Processes tab and then you should stop the programs one by one by highlighting each program. Now, you should click on the End Process button. Here, you should check if the error message reappears each time when you stop a process. After identifying the program which is causing the error, then you should move to the next troubleshooting step, and just reinstall the application.

2. Update Virus protection program or Run the latest Windows Update:

It is quite possible that virus or malware infections might be causing these runtime errors on your computer. So, you should immediately prevent, quarantine, and remove it. You should also update your antivirus program and then just run a thorough scan of the computer. If you run the Windows Update then you will get the latest virus definition and solution to fix the issue.

3. Re-install Runtime Libraries:

The error occur because of the update, like the MS Visual C ++ package, which is not be installed correctly or completely. It is recommended that you should uninstall the current package and just install a new copy.

You should uninstall the package in Programs and Features option, and then you have to find and highlight the Microsoft Visual C ++ redistributable package. After this, you should click on Uninstall which is there at the top of the list and then you have to restart your computer. At last, you should download the latest Microsoft redistributable package and then you have to install it in your device.

4. Run Disk Cleanup:

This error occurs when you have a very little free space on your computer. For this, you should back up your files and freeing up the space on your hard drive. You should also empty your cache and then you have to restart your computer system. You should run Disk Cleanup, and after this, you have to open your Explorer window and then just right-click on your main directory (this is usually C :). Now, you have to click on Properties option, and then you should click on Disk Cleanup.

This method will solve the Outlook Error Code 401. If in case, you need any kind of assistance then you can call the expert of MS Office software.