Norton antivirus is the world’s best security software which gives you complete protection from cyber threat. It gives you user friendly interface but some users faces the error. Hence, in this blog you will red the solution to fix Norton Error Code 100.

Symptoms of Norton Error Code 100:

 The symptoms of the Norton error code 100 are when the error 100 displays on your screen and it crashes Window, if your system frequently shuts down when you run the program, if your system runs  slowly and sluggishly, and when your Windows freezes for some time.

 Causes of Norton Error Code 100:

The causes of the Norton Error code 100 are if there is damaged registry entry related to Norton antivirus, if there is malware or virus attack on your system, if mistakenly some other program deletes the Norton related files and if there is Incomplete or corrupt installation of Norton Antivirus.

Solution to Resolve Norton Error Code 100:

1. Complete Virus scan of Your System:

This error occurs due to the corrupted files, some virus or malware infections which results in damaged files. So, it is very necessary that you initiate a complete virus scan of your system to resolve Norton error message.

2. Clean Out Junk or Temporary Files:

When you work on the computer, lot of junk and temporary files stores in your gadget which makes your computer runs slowly. Hence, you should clean out these junk files. For this, you should go to start button and just open the command prompt and then you should type “cleanmgr” command and tap on Enter key. Here, you will view that the Disk cleanup will automatically begin calculating the space. Now, just follow the instruction to clean out the junk files from your device.

3. Device Driver Update:

Always remember that outdated device drivers can be the biggest cause of Norton error. So, it is highly recommended that you should update your device drivers to the current version to fix the Norton error. You can also make use of the tools like DriverDoc to update your drivers. This tool will update all the drivers in single click and also it is easy to use.

4. System Restore:

For this, you should go to start button and just search for System restore. And then you have to enter the credentials and just open the system restore wizard. After this, you should follow the directions to restore the system, and at last, restart your computer system.

5. Windows Update:

It is recommended that you should install all the latest windows update to fix the patches. As the updated computer system will increase the speed of your computer.

6. Reinstall Norton antivirus:

First, you should go to control panel, and then select programs, and features. After this, you should select Norton antivirus related traces in the system and then just click on uninstall option. Now, you should restart your computer system. You should again try to reinstall a fresh copy of Norton antivirus product in your device.

7. Windows Clean Installation:

Before you install the fresh copy of windows, you should first take the backup of all your files and folder. After this, just by using a bootable DVD or USB, you should follow the instructions and then just install a fresh copy of Windows.

The above method will help you to solve Norton Error Code 100. For more details about Norton Antivirus, just visit to the site of Norton.