Norton is the popular software which gives complete security to your valuable device and data from scammers. But some computer users face problem like Norton Error Code 8504 and 104 while installing this antivirus. In this blog, you will read the causes and solution of the Norton Error Code 8504 and 104.

Causes of Norton Error Code 8504 and 104:

The causes of the Norton Error Code 8504 and 104 are incomplete installation of the antirust, malware and viruses has corrupted Window System Files, irregularities in the Window registry, and also other program have mistakenly deleted.

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Solution of the Norton Error Code 8504 and 104:

1. Uninstall other antivirus/Free Security tools:

1. First you have to uninstall antivirus/free security tool which is already installed in your Computer system.

2. Then you have to press Windows +R Key altogether and then you should type there appwiz.cpl and press on enter key.

3. Now you can see all the programs which is installed in your PC, and then you have to select the Antivirus/Free Security tool and after this, just click on Uninstall/Remove program.

4. Here you have to follow the instructions which are on your computer screen to remove the particular program.

5. After the uninstallation process, you have to restart your PC.

2. Restart The Computer System:

1. First you have to Exit all programs.

2. Then you should restart the computer, if the problem still persist then you should reinstall Norton antivirus in your device.

 3.  Using Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool:

1. First you should download the latest Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from the official site of Norton.

2. Then you should double to click on downloaded file and after this, just run to install the software.

3. Here you have to click on Agree term which is in the license agreement, and then click on advanced options.

4. Now you have to select remove only, and then click on Remove option, and then just restart your computer system.

 4. Update Graphics Card:

1. First you have to right click on My Computer and then just select Manage option.

2. After this, you should choose Device Manager and then select Display adapters or you can also press Windows+R key and then just type devmgmt.msc and press on Enter key.

3. Now you have to double click on Display adapters and then just right click on HD Graphics Card and just choose Update Driver Software.

4. Here you can check the status of your HD Graphics Card is updated or not just by clicking on alt+enter key.

5. When you update the driver, you should restart your computer system.

 5. Using Norton Auto Fix Tool:

You should simply run the Norton AutoFix tool and it will automatically detect the error and it will resolve it.

This method will help you to solve the Norton Error Code 8504 and 104. In case, the issue still persist then you can visit to the official website of Norton antivirus.