While downloading and Installing McAfee antivirus product on your gadget, some users faces the McAfee unexpected error code 0000x1200ds1. This error occur because if you have selected the wrong country during the installation process. To resolve this McAfee Unexpected Error, you can follow the below steps.

Solution To Resolve McAfee Unexpected Error Code 0000x1200ds1:

Solution 1: Correct The Language and Try to Install McAfee:

  1. First, you have to click on the “X” icon which is located on the top right hand side of the computer screen to close the McAfee installation wizard.
  2. Now, you have to visit to the official website of McAfee that is www.mcafee.com/activate from your web browser.
  3. Here from the Region Section, you have to choose the place of your residence. Then, you have to go to the Support page.
  4. After this, you have to tap on the My Account tab which is located on the top of the computer screen.
  5. In case, you do not have a McAfee account, then you have to click on Register Now button.
  6. Here, just you have to enter your credentials to create a new McAfee account.
  7. Now just accept the license agreement of McAfee and click on I agree option.
  8. You can now select the product of McAfee Antivirus software which you want to install.
  9. Now carefully select the correct language from the drop-down list which is located at the top of the page. If you are seeing the wrong language then corrects it.
  10. To install the McAfee product, choose the operating system of your computer.
  11. Then you have to click on the Download button which is next to the McAfee software which you want to install.
  12. Now you have to run the installer file and then install the McAfee Antivirus software on your device.

Solution 2: Run Pre-Install Tool:

  1. If you are still getting the error, then you have to install the Pre-Install tool.
  2. You can Download it from the official website of McAfee and then you have to save it on your desktop.
  3. After this, double-click on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file, and just follow all the instruction.
  4. Now read the warning message which display on your screen and then click on OK button to agree to the changes.
  5. When the Preinstall Tool finishes, then click on OK button.
  6. Here, click on Close option and then restart your computer.
  7. After restarts, again try to install McAfee product on your computer.

If the issue still persists, update your Window Operating System and then restart your computer. To fix the issue, just uninstall any other Antivirus software in your computer.

The above method will help you to fix the McAfee unexpected error 0000x1200ds1. In case, if the issue still persists then you can contact to the customer care at any time on their toll free number from any device.