McAfee antivirus is the world popular security program which scans your valuable data to secure it from malware and viruses. But sometimes the customers face issues, so in this blog you will read the solution to resolve McAfee Error Code 12002.

Symptoms of McAfee Error Code 12002:

The symptoms of McAfee Error Code 12002 are your PC is running slowly and it will respond to the inputs like keyboard or mouse in a sluggish manner, it also freezes your computer and sometimes crashes your PC in between.

Causes of McAfee Error Code 12002:

The causes of McAfee Error Code 12002 are it infects your computer with the virus or malware, corrupt Windows Registry file, If your antivirus has any missing installation file, and also if there is any other conflicting software.

Solutions to Fix McAfee Error Code 12002:

  1. Perform Scan On your Computer:

Scanning removes all the deep-rooted virus or malware from your device and keeps your Computer smooth. For this, you should open McAfee on your computer. Then, click on scan option from the McAfee window. After this, you should select the scan type which you wish to initiate on your PC.

Full Scan- This will completely scan of your computer system with McAfee Antivirus scan.

Quick Scans- It will scan most of the parts of your computer system to detect and remove malware.

Custom Scan– In this, you have to select a specific file or drive to be scanned.

Here, you should select ‘Full’ System scan option. And then follow the directions to finish the scan process.

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 2. Repair Windows Registry Associated:

You should click on start option which is at the lower left side of your computer system. Then just type ‘command’ in the search box. After this, press Ctrl+Shift key altogether and then tap on Enter key. Now, click on ‘yes’ option in the dialogue box. Here, you will get a black dialogue box with a blinking cursor. Then, you need to type ‘Regedit’ and tap on enter key. After this, the ‘registry’ window will display on your computer. Now, you have to select the key related to ‘Error Code 12002’. At this point, just go to the menu option in the same window. Then, click on ‘file’ option and just select ‘export’ option. Here, you have to save this file with the name of ‘McAfee Error 12002’. After this, just go to the Export Range box. Now, just ensure that you have selected the ‘Selected Branch’ option. At last, click on Save option just finish the registry entry backup.

3. Reinstall McAfee Antivirus:

In case, the error still persists then you should reinstall your McAfee product. You can also use McAfee Removal Tool just to remove McAfee antivirus from your computer system. When you uninstall it, then again you have to install it to keep your data safe from threat.

The above method will help you to solve McAfee Error Code 12002. In case, you are facing problem then you can go to the official site of McAfee antivirus for assistance.