Kaspersky antivirus is the very effective security program which safeguards your gadgets from all kind of cyber threats. It consumes less space in your device but provide complete protection. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix Kaspersky Error Code 0x804C0015.

This error occurs due to the expired secondary key file. This issue makes your computer slow and starts freezing frequently.

Solution To Fix Kaspersky Error Code 0x804C0015:

  1. Manually Repair Windows Registry Entries: For this, first you have to go to the Start button which is on the bottom left corner screen and then click on it. Now, you have to type ‘command’ in the search box, and then just press enter key while holding the CTRL+Shift key together. After this, you should click on Yes option, to open the command prompt and then just type ‘regedit’ where you see the cursor is blinking and hit on Enter key. Now, you have to select the key which is linked with the Error 0x804C0015, to back up. Here, you should select Export option, from the File menu bar and then from the Save In list, you should select a folder just to save the backup. After this, in the File Name field, just write a name for your backup file and then choose Selected Branch from the Export Range. Then, just click on Save option to save the file with a .reg extension. At last, you have properly created the backup file for the Kaspersky antivirus software.
  2. Clean Temp file and Junk folder: If you want to clean manually, then you have to open the Run dialog box just by pressing R key and Windows key altogether. Now in the search field, you should type %Temp% and then tap on Enter. After this, just right-click on the temp folder and just select delete option from the list. To confirm the deletion of Temp folder, you have to click on Yes option. Just wait so that the removal process gets finished and then just restart your system to save all the changes which you have made.
  3. Clean Junk by using the Disk Cleanup: Go to the Start button, and then click on it. After this, just type the command in the search field. Now you should hit on Enter key while holding CTRL + Shift key altogether by using your keyboard. Then the permission dialog box will comes up on your screen and then just click on Yes option. After this, just write “cleanmgr” and tap on enter key, you need to type where the cursor is blinking. Here, Disk Cleanup will start calculating the occupied disk space which you want to free up. Now, a Disk Cleanup dialog box will show you the series of checkboxes from which you can select. You should select the “Temporary Files” category will occupies the maximum disk space on your computer system. Also you should check the boxes of the categories which you want to clean and then click OK button.
  4. Check for Windows Updates: To check the Windows updates, you should click on the Start button. Then just  type “update” in the search box and tap on Enter key by using the keyboard. Here, the Windows Update dialog box will displays on your computer screen. If the updates are available, then you should click on the Install Updates button and just wait so that the process is finished.

The above method will help you to solve Kaspersky Error Code 0x804C0015. If in case, you need any assistance then just visit to the site of Kaspersky Antivirus.