Bullguard antivirus is one of the best security suite which offers complete protection to your devices from online scams. It secures your device when you are online or offline. It gives user friendly interface but consumes very less space in your device. This error basically occurs when you open the Bullguard main window in your computer. In this blog, you will read the solution of the Bullguard Error Code 102.

Causes of the Bullguard Error Code 102:

The causes of the Bullguard Error Code 102 are may be the security settings of your device interrupting the Bullguard program, if the configuration of Bullguard is incorrect that is why the tool encounter issues, may be you are using the older .NET version framework which is causing the error, Junk files and unwanted data in your device, and may be the program has a login error.

Solution To Fix Bullguard Error Code 102:

1. Check the Subscription Status:

If the tool does not function then you should immediately check the subscription for the security tool that it has not expired. For this, you should go to the Bullguard account page from your web browser and then you have to check the subscription status. If in case, it has expired then you should again subscribe to the security service. And then check the error is still there or not.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall Bullguard Antivirus:

If the program fails to open then you should click on the Bullguard icon which is in the system tray and then just open the program. If in case, the program does not open up, then you have to close the program window and just you should go to the Settings window. After this, you should view the list of programs which are available on your device, and then just select the Bullguard program, and then you have to click on the Uninstall option. At this point, you should restart your computer system and move forward to reinstall the program. After this, you should visit to the official website or you can get the Bullguard installer file from the earlier subscription and just reinstall Bullguard antivirus again in your device.

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3. Unable to access the webpage:

If you are trying to open a web page, but the Bullguard program unable to access just by showing you an error. In this situation, you should open the program dashboard, and then just click on the Settings option. After this, you should select Advanced menu. Now under Antivirus, you should go to the Safe browsing section and then just untick the checkbox which is next to the Show safe results. Then you should save the settings and then just close the window. Now you can check your Bullguard error code 102 is resolved properly.

The above method will help you to solve to the Bullguard Error Code 102. But in case, you need any technical help then you can anytime call the expert of Bullguard team or you can visit to the official site of Bullguard antivirus.