Bitdefender antivirus provides great security to its users from all kind of threat. As customers stores all their valuable data in their devices and hackers always tries to steal their data but this antivirus provides security to their device and data from external and internal threat. It is very easy to use and also provides updates timely to safeguards the user’s data from emerging threat. It gives security from malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks etc.

But sometimes the users face error when they are using VPN services like trying to connect to public wireless networks, if you are obtaining content which are confined to specific areas, if they want to keep their personal data like usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses personal, and want to hide the IP address. In this blog, you will read the solution of Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1010.

Solution To Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1010:

  1. To solve this issue, first you should ensure that before you connect to Bitdefender’s VPN, your device is properly connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi. It should have stable Internet connection.
  2. Also, check that your computer system is not trying to connect to another available VPN service.
  3.  It is possible that the firewall configuration can also create this issue. So, you must disable firewall setting before enabling VPN.
  4. In case, all these precautions do not solve the issue and you are facing the error then you must restart your device.
  5. Always try to connect to a stable network which is working properly.
  6. It is advised that you should reinstall the Bitdefender VPN after uninstalling it, properly from your computer system.
  7. You should download it again and then visit to “Bitdefender Interface”. Now on the left of your screen, you should go to “Privacy” and then access it.
  8. Here you should click on “VPN Control Panel” and then you have to select “Install Bitdefender VPN”.
  9. Now, you should change the DNS.
  10. For this, you should go to “Control Panel” option, and then click on “Network and Internet” option. After this, you have to choose “Network and Sharing Center”, and then select “Change adapter Settings”, and then tap on “Properties” option.
  11. Now in the list of connection items, you have to select “Internet Protocol Version 4,” and then you should click on “Properties.”
  12. Here you should choose one of the DNS servers: Preferred DNS Servers:, Secondary DNS Server: In case, you cannot be able to change the DNS server, then you should contact Bitdefender Customer Service.

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The above method will help you to solve the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1010. But in case, the issue still persist then you can call the expert of Bitdefender antivirus team anytime from anywhere. The customer care executives are trained to solve your problem. For more details about the product, you can visit to the official website of Bitdefender antivirus.