Bitdefender antivirus is the great software which secures your personal information from all kind of external and internal threat. It offers user friendly interface and completely scans your device to protect it from malware. It creates a wall of defense between your device and threat and also monitors the network traffic. It regularly gives you update so to safeguard your device from emerging threat. In case, you are in public place then for the safety purpose you can open your device through VPN. But in spite of so many benefits some users faces issues or problem. So, in this article you will read the solution to fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 703.

Causes of Bitdefender VPN Error Code 703:

The causes of the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 703 are because of the damage to Windows system files, Corrupted system file entries,  Incomplete installation of antivirus, incomplete uninstallation, and incorrect removal of applications or hardware. Virus attack, adware / spyware may also results in this error.

Solution To Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 703:

1: To solve this error, first you have to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and then check you should have a stable Internet connection before you connect to the Bitdefender VPN network.

2: Then you should ensure that your system is not trying to correlate to another available VPN.

3: Sometimes, the configured firewall also creates this type of issue. It is advised that you should disable it before enabling VPN.

4: If these methods do not work and you are still seeing the issue in your gadget, then you should reboot your device.

5: After this, you should try to connect to a constant network which works with precision.

6: Now, you should reinstall the Bitdefender VPN after uninstalling it properly from your system.

7: Then, you have to download it again and after this, you should go to “Bitdefender Interface”. Here, on the left side of the screen, you should go to “Privacy” option.

 8: After this, you should click on “VPN Control Panel” option and then you have to select “Install Bitdefender VPN”.

 9: Now, you should change the DNS.

10: For this, you should go to “Control Panel”, and then you have to choose “Network and Internet”, and then click on “Network and Sharing Center”. After this, you have to select “Change adapter Settings” and then click on “Properties”.

11: Now in the connection elements menu, you have to choose “Internet Protocol Version 4”, and then click on “properties”.

12: At the end, you have to choose one of the following DNS servers – either you can choose Preferred DNS Servers: or you can select Secondary DNS Server:

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The above method will help you to solve the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 703. But in case, you are still facing the error then you have to contact to the customer care executive of Bitdefender team. Or you can also visit to the official site of Bitdefender antivirus.