How to Repair AVG Error Code 0xe0010058?

AVG antivirus is the one of the popular software in the market which provides complete security to your data and device. But sometimes the customer face issues like AVG Error Code 0xe0010058 while installing AVG antivirus in their devices.

Causes of this AVG Error Code 0xe0010058:

If you are facing this error, it may be because your system is not compatible with the software, if you are already using antivirus software and the previous software clash with the AVG antivirus in your system, and system registry file can also cause this issue.

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Repair AVG Error Code 0xe0010058:

  1. Incompatible Software or Conflicting Application: In this, AVG installer immediately detects the different application present in your computer system. So, when you begin the installation procedure, then the installer wizard detects if there is any software and quickly stops the installation process. Like if you have spyware detection software installed in your system then it will conflict with the AVG installer. In this case, you have to temporarily disable the software if you want to install AVG antivirus software in your gadget.
  2. Corrupted Installer: A corrupted AVG installer can also cause this issue. In some cases, when you download the installer, it gets corrupted.  For this, you have to run the wizard by selecting custom install. You must install the essential components of the software.
    In case, if custom installation does not work then you have to remove the wizard. For this, go to the control panel and then visit to the uninstall program. Then search for AVG and then select the program and then just select uninstall from the menu.
    Now you have to download the program from a verified source and then you should try to install the application. You should choose custom installation and then you have to select all the component from the list.
  3. Corrupted Operating System: If the operating system is corrupted then it is difficult for you to install any program. You should try to update your operating system, because upgrading of the OS to the latest version sometimes fixes the issue. To update the system to the latest version you should check for available update, for this go to the Windows update center. Now you have to find the windows update system and then just enable the Auto-update option. If this process does not work then reinstall the operating system.
  4. Third Party Antivirus Software: If you have another antivirus software installed in your computer system, then it is possible that it is blocking the permission. Because third party software create conflict while installing AVG antivirus. So you should temporarily disable the third party software.

This method will fix AVG Error Code 0xe0010058. In case, if you still have the problem then you may contact to the customer care executive of AVG team anytime from any device. For more information, you can visit to the site of AVG.