AVG antivirus is the security software program which provides great protection to your device and data from cyber attacks like malware and viruses. This antivirus regularly gives updates so that your device can fight against the emerging threat. It provides user friendly interface but some customer’s faces the issue while installing AVG antivirus in their devices. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix the AVG Error Code 42125.

Solution To Fix AVG Error Code 42125:

1. Disable System Restore:

1. For disabling System Restore, firstly you should go to your computer system, and then you have to click on the “Start” button.

2. After this, you should right-click on the “My Computer” option, and then just click on the “Properties” option.

3. Now, you should choose the “System Restore” tab.

4. Here you have to click on disable System Restore check box, and just hit on the “OK” button.

5. You have to click on the “yes” option when a window displays on your computer screen till the system restore is disabled.

Now you have to check the error is fixed or not. If the error is not fixed then just move to the next step.

2. Restart your Computer System:

1. For this, you should go to the right hand side of your computer screen, and just click on “Settings” option.

2. Now, you should click on the “Change PC Settings” option.

3. After this, you should click on the “Update and Recovery” option, and then click on the “Recovery” option.

4. Then in “Remove All and Reinstall Windows”, you should click on “Start” option.

5. Here you have to follow the instructions to reboot your system.

At last, just check the AVG error is resolved or not.

3. Enable System Restore Again:

When you restart your system then you must re-enable System Restore.

  1. For this, go to the “Start” button, and then you should right-click on the “My Computer” option.
  2. After this, you have to go to the “Properties” option.
  3. Then you have to select the “System Restore” option.
  4. Here, you have to click to uncheck the Disable System Restore check box.
  5. At last, you should press the “OK” button.

4. Delete your Temporary Files:

For this, you have to clear your temporary folders of all user accounts. Here you can download any clean software like TFC (Temp File Cleaner), which is easily available on the Internet. This tool completely erases all your temporary files whereas other temporary file cleaners fail to clean.

This method helps to solve the AVG Error Code 42125. But if the user is facing any kind of problem then they can contact to the customer care executive of AVG antivirus anytime from anywhere. The experts of AVG are available all the time for the user and also they are well trained. And for more information, the user can visit to the site of AVG antivirus.