Avast antivirus is the effective security software which helps to protects your data from all kind of emerging threat as hackers always attack on your device through different method. It provides user friendly interface and consumes very little space in your device. It increases the performance of your gadgets. But some users face the error while installation, so in this blog you will read the solution of Avast Error Code 305.  

Causes of Avast Antivirus Error Code 305:

The causes of Avast Error Code 305 are corrupt download or installation of software, corrupt or damaged Windows Registry and errors which are related to installed third-party software.

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Solution To Fix Avast Error Code 305:

1. Full System Scan for Removing Malicious Programs:

For removing the error you should perform the complete system scan for removing malware from your device. Hence, you should launch windows defender in your computer system. Because malware will damage, delete, or corrupt the files with error. So, it will detect and blocks the malicious files and also harmful programs in your device.

2. Steps to Update PC Drivers:

1. First, in the search box you should type Device manager and then just click on it.

2. After this, you should look for the program and then just right-click on it.

3. Here, you have to select update driver and then just choose search automatically for updated driver software.

4. If found any update are available then you should click on the install option to update.

3. Clear System Junk Files with Disk Cleanup:

1. For this, first you should press on Window + R key at the same time to open Run Dialog box.

2. Now, you have to type “cleanmgr” in the Run Window and then tap on enter key.

3. Here, you will see the Disk cleanup process will start to check files or folders.

4. At last, you should check the boxes which you want to clean and then just click on OK button.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Avast Antivirus Software:

1. For this, you should go to Start menu and then just tap on Program and Features option.

2. Now you should open control panel.

3. Then you have to Search your Avast antivirus program and then just right click on it.

4. After this, you should click on Uninstall option and then follow all the instructions to complete the process of uninstall of Avast antivirus program.

5. Once the uninstalling procedure finishes, then you have to reinstall Avast antivirus on your device by following the instructions which appears on your computer screen.

5. Checking Windows Updates:

1. First, in the search box you have to type update and then press enter key.  Then you will see the “check for updates” displays on your computer screen.

2. Then the windows update page will automatically search for any available update.

3. If the latest updates are available, then you just have to click on install update button to automatically download and install updates.

The above method helps to resolve Avast Error Code 305. If in case, you are still facing the error then you can call the customer care executive of Avast antivirus. The experts are well trained to solve all your queries. For more details, you can visit to official site of Avast antivirus.