Norton antivirus is one of the very useful and best security solutions available in the market for the protection of the user’s device and their valuable data. It safeguards your gadget from malicious websites, links and attachments which install malware in your device and steal your data. It immediately detects the virus and blocks it. But sometimes user faces issues while installing Norton product. So, in this blog you will read the solution of the Norton Error Code 9999 174.

Symptoms of Norton Error Code 9999 174:

The symptoms of the Norton Error Code 9999 174 are when there is interruption in the active program, frequently your computer system gets crashing, and also when your Window Operating System gets slow down.

Causes of Norton Error 9999 174

The causes of Norton Error Code 9999 174 are due to installation incomplete of software, outdated drivers on the PC, operating system not updated, impaired Window Registry Entries, and if there is maliciously deletion of the Norton related software.

Solution To Fix Norton Error Code 9999 174:

 1: Run System File Checker:

You should run the System File Checker which scans your computer system and then restores the files which caused Norton to malfunction. To run the system file checker, you should go to the search option and then you have to type ‘Command Prompt’ in the box. After this, you should just right-click on the Command Prompt and then just select ‘Run as administrator.’ Here, you have to enter your admin password if it is essential. Now, you should type the command prompt: “sfc /scannow.” Then you should wait for sometime so that the system file checker tool scans the protected system files and just replace the corrupted files. When the scan process gets completed, then you have to restart your computer system. At last, just check if Norton Error Code 9999 174 is resolved or not.

 2: Download and Run Norton Remove and Reinstall:

For this, you have to visit to the official website just to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. After this, you should go to the default downloads folder and then just double-click on the NRnR icon. Then, you have to tap on ‘Agree’ button when the license agreement opens up and hit on continue. Now, you should open the advanced options and then just click on the ‘Remove Only’ option. When the Norton is uninstalled, then you have to press the ‘Restart Now’ button. At last, just reboot the computer system.

But when it restarts your computer system, then you should try to reinstall your Norton security software.

3: Restore Windows System:

You should open the Search option and then type ‘Control Panel’ in the search box. After this, you should click on ‘Control Panel’ and just find the ‘Recovery’ option. Now, you should select ‘Open System Restore’ and then just select a restore point. At the end, follow the instructions just to restore your Windows computer.

4: Update Device Drivers:

It is highly recommended that you should update the device drivers on regular basis and if in case, you still find any error then just contact to the professional of Norton antivirus.

The above method will help you to solve Norton Error Code 9999 174. But if the user is facing issues, then you can call customer care executive of Norton antivirus software. For more details about Norton antivirus product, just go to the official site of Norton Antivirus.